CAM562 CamLock Valve Box Lock

CamLock in 6" Steel Pipe

The AMPro CamLock is a locking product which is designed to fit into standard 5 ¼" valve boxes.

The CamLock is inserted into the opening, and then the handle is turned. This expands the three spring-loaded feet to make contact with the wall. There is a strong snap-action which locks the CamLock securely in place. If it is desired to security lock the unit, the operator can place a standard barrel lock in the opening in the handle. With the barrel lock in place the CamLock is secured against any unauthorized access.

The CamLock can be used to meet Osha Lockout/Tagout requirements. Whenever downstream maintenance is being performed which requires that a valve be turned off, it is required that the valve be locked and tagged. The CamLock provides the lock. A simple operator installed tag can fulfill the requirements by writing the reasons for locking the valve, and the contact person for returning service. Simple, and cost effective.

A Clean Valve Seal is available which can be installed on top of the CamLock to keep the Valve Box clean and free of dirt or insects.

  • One lock fits numerous pipe sizes and valve boxes
  • Available in 562 valve box standard
  • Simple to use
  • Very cost effective
  • Eliminates unauthorized access to valves
  • Prevents waste of water by contractors or firemen
  • Protects workmen on downstream maintenance
  • Saves money for the utility
  • Reduces or eliminates liability challenges
  • Cost effective for multiple uses
  • Allows compliance with OSHA requirements
  • Makes everybody's job easier!!!
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