Corrosion Prevention Test Station

The AMPro® Detectable CP TEST STATION is designed to replace outmoded existing equipment and to use for all new installations.

Design features that make this product superior to others in the field are numerous.

1. The AMPro® Test Station has three modes of detectability. The most prominent is the inclusion of a 3M EMS Marker mounted in the base. Using the proper equipment this can be detected at distances as great as 8 feet. In addition, this Test Station has a high-strength magnet mounted in the lid. This magnet can be detected by conventional magnetic dip-needle locators. Since the AMPro® magnet has at least twice the field strength of other Test Stations being offered, the distance at which this can be detected is much greater. Finally, the AMPro® Test Station has a metal washer located in the lid, which can be detected with conventional metal finders.

2. The base of the AMPro® Detectable CP TEST STATION is ribbed to prevent rotation, when it is properly compacted on installation. This assists in lid insertion or removal.

3. The lid is locked in place with an expanding rubber seal. This is a reliable long-term method of holding the lid, which also resists the entry of water, dirt, or insects. Work crews who access the Test Station will be glad to know that there will be no creepy crawlers in the AMPro® Test Stations.

4. The AMPro® CP Test Station is available in black or yellow color, and with single or double test terminals.

5. The overall construction of the AMPro® Detectable CP Test Station is heavy duty. It will stand up to severe abuse, and still provide exceptional service!

6. This Test Station is very cost effective. It will substantially help reduce the cost and frustration of trying to find lost and buried Test Stations.

Now is the time to change to a better product! Keep track of your savings. You will be amazed how fast you save in areas where you install a truly Detectable CP Test Station!!!

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